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Blockchain for Business For Understanding transformation, growth and new models of Business

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Product Description

Blockchain technologies are transformational: they can enable enterprises to reinvent processes and business models, and pursue radically disruptive use cases. Many decision-makers and it professionals don’t understand Blockchain; others confuse it with cryptocurrencies like bit Co in. This concise, accessible handbook brings clarity and pragmatism to Blockchain technologies and opportunities. Written from a business perspective by three of IBM leading consultants, it presents real-world examples that demonstrate what Blockchain can and can’t do. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience, The authors survey the technology current state, introduce industry-specific and cross-industry use cases, review approaches to implementation and governance, and preview emerging capabilities — all with a relentless focus on real business outcomes, and no hype.


1.  A team of IBM leading Blockchain consultants to focus on real business outcomes and transformations.

2. Understand Blockchain technology, ecosystems, business models, implementation strategies, governance, and emerging capabilities.

3. Explore a wide spectrum of industry-specific and cross-industry use cases. <Br> table of

  1. Introduction to blockchain
  2. Opportunities and challenges
  3. Understanding the technology landscape
  4. Business of business models
  5. Developing a governance structure for Blockchain networks
  6. Building a team to drive Blockchain projects
  7. Understanding financial models, investments, Rubrics, and Model risk frameworks
  8. Looking ahead: what does the future hold?.

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PublisherPearson Educatio
Paperback228 pages
Item weight260g
AuthorJai Singh Arun