A/B/n Testing: Understanding Website Optimization

A/B/n testing, an extension of A/B testing, is a powerful website testing method used to determine which version of a web page yields the highest conversion rate. In this type of test, multiple versions of a page, denoted as A, B, C, and so on (referred to as “n”), are compared against each other simultaneously. By randomly and evenly distributing traffic among these variations, marketers and web developers can make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and conversions.

A/B/n Testing: Understanding Website Optimization

Understanding A/B/n Testing

In A/B/n testing, website owners can test more than two variations of a page at the same time. The number “n” refers to the total number of versions being tested, which can range from two to many. This method allows for comprehensive comparison and a deeper understanding of how different designs and content affect user behavior.

A/B/n vs. Multivariate Testing

A/B/n testing is often compared to multivariate testing, where all possible combinations of variations are tested simultaneously. Multivariate testing focuses on specific elements on a page and is more exhaustive than A/B/n testing. On the other hand, A/B/n testing is ideal for comparing entirely different page versions against each other.

The Importance of A/B/n Testing

A/B/n testing provides valuable insights into website design, user engagement, and conversions. By testing multiple variations concurrently, it helps identify the best-performing page and provides data-backed decisions for optimization.

When multiple competing ideas for website layout exist, A/B/n testing offers a solution to test each idea and determine which version outperforms the others. Moreover, it highlights the lowest performing pages, enabling marketers to formulate hypotheses on why some features convert better than others. These insights can be applied to future tests and site improvements.

A Real-Life Case Study

Electronic Arts (EA) provides a compelling example of successful A/B/n testing. When launching a new version of their popular game, SimCity, in March 2013, they ran an A/B/n test on the pre-order page. They tested several versions, including one without a special promotion offer across the top.

The test results were impressive – the page without the special promotion offer performed 43% better than the other variations. This not only led to a significant increase in pre-orders but also allowed EA to apply the lessons learned across their website, resulting in increased conversions across the board.

Potential Downsides of A/B/n Testing

While A/B/n testing is powerful, it is essential to use it wisely. Testing too many variations can divide website traffic among numerous versions, potentially increasing the time and resources needed to reach statistically significant results. Additionally, running multiple A/B/n tests may lead to losing sight of the overall website optimization strategy. It’s vital to consider running multivariate tests to ensure improvements carry through the entire conversion funnel.


In conclusion, A/B/n testing is a crucial tool for website optimization. It empowers businesses to make informed decisions based on data rather than assumptions. By comparing multiple page variations simultaneously, website owners can continuously refine and enhance their online presence, leading to improved user engagement and increased conversions.


What is A/B/n testing?

A/B/n testing is a website testing method that compares multiple versions of a web page to identify the one with the highest conversion rate.

How is A/B/n testing different from A/B testing?

A/B/n testing involves testing more than two versions of a page at once, while A/B testing compares only two versions.

What is the significance of A/B/n testing?

A/B/n testing helps businesses understand which website design generates the most engagement and conversions from users, leading to data-backed optimization decisions.

Can A/B/n testing be used to test completely different page versions?

Yes, A/B/n testing is ideal for comparing entirely different page versions to see which one performs the best.

What should businesses be mindful of when running multiple A/B/n tests?

Businesses should be cautious of testing too many variations, as it can divide traffic and lead to statistical noise. Additionally, they should not lose sight of the overall website optimization strategy and consider running multivariate tests when necessary.

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